High-current and High-voltage Photorelays

Suitable the demands of different applications. (Maximum ION 5A, Maximum VOFF 600V).Replacing mechanical relay with photorelays can reduce installation area
Photorelays offer many advantages over mechanical relays such as less installation area.We have manufactured the product, which has 5A maximum rated current and 600V maximum withstand voltage, can be used in broad applications.

High Capacity, Low ON-resistance

SOP4, SOP8 package of 40V, 60V, 100V load voltage, high capacity and low On-resistance, which have 1.25A-2.5A load current, is 2.5-5 times than general product.On-resistance has different specifications from 0.05Ω to 0.16Ω; it is about one tenth of general product in the market. It is orientated to measuring devices, batteries, safe devices and others such as long lifetime circuits.

2 Form A and 2 Form B Photorelays
0-600V series of products has features of low resistance, low capacitance and more are widely applicable in fields of inspecting device, communication system, medical devices, and others.

3.75-5kVrms Enhance-isolated photorelays

Silicon Carbide (SiC) devices have emerged as the most viable candidate for next-generation, low-loss semiconductors due to its low ON resistance and superior high-temperature, high-frequency, and high-voltage performance ,offer improved power-savings in applications across a number of industries: 1,High-efficiency inverters in DC/AC converters for solar and wind power 2,Power converters for electric and hybrid vehicles 3,Power inverters for industrial equipment and air conditioners These provide increased efficiency, higher switching frequency and reduced system size and weight in a variety of applications.
SiC Power Products:Next-generation, low-loss semiconductors

Wuxi Gwok Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech innovative enterprise engaged in R & D and industrialization of the third generation wide band gap semiconductor SiC power devices,
Gan optoelectronic devices and conventional integrated circuits. It's engaged in the design, manufacture and market of silicon carbide field effect transistor, silicon carbide Schottky diode, Gan optocoupler relay, MCU, etc. The company is headquartered in Wuxi high tech Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, with R & D centers, sales service support centers and offices in Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. We owe the domestic leading R & D strength, focusing on providing customers with high-efficiency, low power consumption, low resistance, stable quality silicon carbide high-power devices and optoelectronic integrated circuit products. We are providing one-stop application solutions and on-site technical support services, so that the customers can get an excellent system performance to be competitive. The devices of silicon carbide power now cover 650V / 2a-100a, 1200V / 2a-90a, 1700V / 5a-80a and other series. The products have been put into mass production  which can fully meet the advanced quality and level of international brands. The series products have passed industrial and vehical specification level reliability test as well,including Silicon carbide (SIC) Schottky diodes with full current , voltage levels and silicon carbide (SIC) MOSFET which can also reach the international advanced level. Meanwhile, those products are used in solar inverter power supply area, new energy electric vehicles, charging piles, smart grid, high frequency welding, rail transit, industrial control special power supply, national defense and military industry, etc.Because of the high-speed switch and low on resistance, it can show excellent electrical characteristics even under high temperature conditions,  reduce the switching loss to make the chips smaller and lighter. It can increase the range of electric vehicles by 10% and reduce the weight of the vehicle by about 5% to fulfil the safe and stable operation in the high temperature environment of the charging pile.

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